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Card, paypal, bizum, transfer, cash on delivery and many more


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SEO optimization for product and category pages

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Características principales del plan

 Free registration
Sin compromiso de permanencia
Hasta 30 productos (más consultar) *variaciones ilimitadas de cada producto

Diseño y funcionalidad

Creación de la tienda online con diseño único adaptado a tu marca
100% configured
Optimization for mobile phones and tablets
Intuitive and easy-to-use interface for your clients
Fast charging to improve user experience
Catálogo de productos sencillo
Fichas de producto detalladas
Motor de búsqueda interno para facilitar la navegación
Filtros y categorías para búsqueda de productos
Intuitive and secure shopping cart system
Minimalista: compra rápida y sin distracciones
Design focused on product sales
Blog, un sistema de opiniones y valoraciones de productos, etc


Integration with Google Analytics and Search Console to monitor traffic and performance
Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. integration, to reach your target audience


Integrated blog to create relevant content and attract more visitors
SEO of categories and product pages
SEO optimization following Google guidelines
Search Engine Optimized Meta Tags and Titles
Sitemap.xml and robots.txt for easy indexing

Payments and Security

Múltiples métodos como tarjeta de crédito, PayPal, Google Pay, etc
Integration with secure payment gateways
Protection against fraud and malware
Clear and transparent privacy and cookie policy
Protected by an SSL certificate and the latest security measures to guarantee the protection of your clients' data

Gestion y facturación

Panel de control intuitivo desde el que podrá modificar productos, gestionar pedidos, enviar notificaciones de logísticas, etc
Informes y análisis:de ventas, el tráfico, conversiones, etc
Automatic generation and sending of invoices or receipts.
Logistics notifications with direct link for order tracking
Connection with shipping platforms to offer different options to your customers
Inventory and stock management in real time

Technical support

Soporte técnico por email


Actualizaciones de seguridad, de funcionalidad y mejoras.

Hosting and domain

Domain included
Emails ilimitados (ejemplos:,, etc.)
Hosting de Alta Velocidad
Uptime Garantizado del 99.9%
Escalabilidad: si tus visitas aumentan, podrás aumentar los recursos del servidor (coste adicional)
Copias de seguridad diarias

Integration with other Tools:

Integration with marketing and CRM tools
Integration with marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay
Maintenance and management service for your online store

30 days money-back guarantee

Si contratas 12 meses: consigues 2 meses gratis

Do you need a more special online store?

Examples of special functions that we can develop:

🟠Dropshipping: You do not need to have stock of products, since the supplier is responsible for sending them directly to the customer.

⚪ Subscriptions: Allow your customers to subscribe to products or services on a regular basis.

🟡 Loyalty program: Reward your customers for their purchases with discounts, points or gifts.

⚫ Online market: Create a platform where various sellers can sell their products.
Integration with social networks: Allow your customers to buy your products directly from their favorite social networks.

And much more…

We are here to help you create the online store of your dreams.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

Example of an online fashion store

User experience (UX)

⦁ When designing your online store we prepare it for an excellent shopping experience, so that your customers buy comfortably.
⦁ We organize the information clearly using the necessary elements to create a visual impact.
⦁ The purchasing process is quick, easy and free of distractions. They will buy more times and they will also recommend you!

Product page

⦁ The purchasing process is quick, easy and free of distractions. They will buy more times and they will also recommend you!

The little car

⦁ When adding a product to the cart, it opens automatically, showing the direct button to complete the purchase, without further distractions, and if the customer wants to continue purchasing, it will automatically close a few seconds after ignoring it.

Shopping experience

⦁ We are experts in achieving the best shopping experience, to achieve this we have several teams: * Copywriters: dedicated to attracting customers + conversions. * UX writers: dedicated to ease, clarity of service/product (user experience).

Why we?

 Internal SEO: We optimize category and product pages, applying the latest SEO factors.

 Unlimited functionality: calculate surfaces, products with variations, etc. we perform any functionality.

 Stress free: We configure your online store and deliver it to you ready to start receiving orders. 

 Honesty: We will give you the advice that we consider most profitable for your business. 

 No fine print: Everything you read is what we offer, without asterisks with unpleasant surprises.

 Flexibility: property or rental.

 We help you: When you have questions or need help, we will be available for you here.

Security: We prepare everything for you, complying with the PCI DSS standard for card payments.

FAQ - Online store

How will you design the online store?

The design of your online store is a personalized and complete process that we focus on adapting specifically to the needs of your business. We start by understanding your objectives, the type of products or services you offer and the particularities of your sector. With this information, we create an online store that is not only aesthetically appealing, but also functional and easy to use for your customers.

We take care of all the technical and design work, from the initial structure to the finer details, ensuring that the store is open and operational 24 hours a day. You only need to provide us with the content you want to include, such as product descriptions, images and any other relevant information. From there, we build a platform that allows your customers to browse, select products, and make payments securely and efficiently through various online payment methods.

Our focus is on creating an optimal user experience, which means intuitive design, simplified purchasing processes, and a focus on converting visitors into customers. Additionally, we integrate SEO features to improve your store's visibility on search engines, helping to attract more traffic and increase sales.

How can they offer such complete services at such affordable prices?

Our ability to offer high-quality online store design services at affordable prices is based on a combination of operational efficiency and passion for what we do. Here are the key pillars of our pricing strategy:

Optimization of processes: We have refined our internal processes to be extremely efficient. This means we can do more in less time, without compromising quality.
Team Specialization: Our teams are made up of specialists in each area of web design and development. This specialization allows us to work more effectively, reducing the time and resources necessary for each project.

Remote Work: By adopting a remote work model, we avoid the high costs associated with physical office spaces. These savings translate directly into lower prices for our customers.

Focus on Small Business: We are passionate about supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. We understand budget constraints and want to make our services accessible to them.
Passion and Commitment: Our team is made up of people who are passionate about what they do. This passion motivates us to go above and beyond and deliver exceptional value on every project, even if that means working a little harder for less.
In short, our efficiency, specialization, remote work model and commitment to small businesses allow us to offer complete, high-quality online store design services at affordable prices.

How long will it take you to design my online store?

The time it takes us to design and launch your online store varies, but our goal is always to combine efficiency with quality. Under normal conditions, the entire process from confirming your order to delivery of the online store configured and ready to operate takes place within 5 to 10 business days.
This schedule is subject to two key factors:

Content Supply: How quickly you can provide us with the necessary content (texts, images, product details, etc.) is crucial. An agile delivery of these elements will allow us to move faster in the design and configuration.

Review process: Any revisions you request may affect the total time. We are committed to working efficiently on reviews to ensure the store reflects your expectations without significant delays.
We understand the importance of launching your online store in a timely manner, and we work diligently to balance speed with attention to detail and quality. Our team is committed to keeping you informed every step of the process, ensuring fluid communication and on-time delivery.

How can I tell you my preferences for the design and specific features I want in my online store?

To ensure that your online store reflects exactly what you have in mind, we follow a collaborative and detailed process:


Website References: You can start by selecting 2 or 3 websites whose designs inspire you. This will give us a solid foundation to understand your style and preferences.

Specific Indications: Along with your references, it would be helpful for us to receive any specific advice you have. This may include preferred colors, arrangement of elements, style of menus, etc.
Design Iterations: Based on your references and instructions, we will create an initial design. From there, we'll work with you through iterations to fine-tune it until it's completely to your liking.


List of Desired Features: For the specific characteristics of your store, you can send us a list in your own words. Detail what features you want your store to have, such as specific payment systems, shipping options, product features, etc.

Examples and Clarifications:
If possible, provide examples of these features in action or a more detailed description of how you would like them to operate.

Evaluation and Advice: Once we have your list, we will evaluate it and, if necessary, offer advice based on our experience to ensure the best implementation and performance of these features.
Our goal is to create an online store that not only looks good, but also works efficiently and meets all your business needs. We're here to guide you every step of the process and make sure the end result is exactly what you expected, or even better.

Will it be easy to manage my online store?

Absolutely, one of our main goals is to make sure that the administration of your online store is as simple and intuitive as possible. Here we explain how we facilitate this process:

Custom settings: When we deliver your online store, we leave it completely configured and ready to use. This includes organizing your products, setting up payment and shipping methods, and any other specific functionality you have requested.

Friendly Interface: We designed the administration interface to be clear and easy to navigate, even for those without technical experience. You will be able to manage orders, update inventory and make basic changes without complications.

Training and Manuals: If you decide to personally manage aspects of your store, such as modifying product sheets, we will provide you with the necessary training. This may include detailed manuals and training sessions to ensure you feel comfortable and confident using the platform.

Continuous support: We understand that questions or support needs may arise after launch. Therefore, we offer continuous support to help you with any questions or problems you may have in managing your store.
Our commitment is to provide you not only with a high-quality online store, but also with the ease and confidence to manage it effectively. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Is it possible to pay my online store in monthly installments?

Yes, we understand that payment flexibility can be crucial for many of our customers. That's why we offer the option of a customized monthly payment plan, designed to fit your needs and budget.
Personalized Planning: When you contact us, we will work with you to understand your specific needs and the features you want for your online store. Based on this information, we will put together a monthly payment plan that covers all aspects of the service, from design and development to maintenance and support.
Cost Transparency: We will present you with a detailed breakdown of the plan, making sure you understand all the features and services included. We want you to have a clear picture of what you are paying and for you to feel comfortable with the investment.
Flexibility and No Hidden Compromise: Our goal is to offer you a plan that fits your financial situation without surprises or hidden costs. Our plans are clear and direct, allowing you to plan your budget with confidence.
Free Consultation and Advice: We are available to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have. Our team will provide you with all the necessary information so that you can make an informed decision without any commitment.
We understand the importance of flexibility in financial management, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. That's why we are committed to offering you payment solutions that adapt to your circumstances and allow you to launch your online store with confidence and without financial stress.

What system do you use to create online stores?

For the development of our online stores, we chose to use WordPress in combination with WooCommerce. This choice is based on several key reasons that benefit both us as developers and you as a customer:
Superior SEO Optimization: WordPress is known for its excellent SEO optimization capabilities. We use the most advanced and effective tools available to ensure that your online store is not only attractive and functional, but also highly visible on search engines.
Flexibility and Customization: WooCommerce, being a WordPress plugin, offers extraordinary potential to customize and expand your online store. From inventory management to payment and shipping options, WooCommerce makes it easy to implement a wide range of functionality to meet your specific needs.
Advanced Design and Functionality: By combining WordPress with WooCommerce, we can create online store designs that are both aesthetically impressive and highly functional. This platform allows us to implement any type of functionality you need, whether for an improved user experience, more efficient product management, or third-party integrations.
Ease of Use and Management: Despite their power and flexibility, WordPress and WooCommerce are intuitive and easy to use. This means that once your store is set up and running, you will be able to manage it efficiently, even if you have no prior technical experience.
Robust Community and Support: As WordPress is one of the most popular platforms in the world, it has an extensive community of users and developers. This ensures constant support and access to a wide variety of resources and updates.
In short, our choice of WordPress and WooCommerce to develop online stores is a strategic decision that combines the best SEO optimization, flexibility, custom design and ease of use, ensuring that your online store not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

Does the online store layout design include keyword research specific to my industry?

Yes, as an integral part of the online store design process, Victoria Digital conducts extensive industry-specific keyword research. This step is crucial to understanding the needs and search behaviors of your target audience. Selecting the right keywords helps ensure that your online store's content and products are easily discovered by potential customers on search engines, thereby increasing visibility and traffic to your store.

What strategies does Victoria Digital use to improve the loading speed of online stores?

Victoria Digital employs multiple technical strategies to optimize and improve the loading speed of online stores, recognizing its vital importance for SEO and user experience. Some of these strategies include:
Image optimization: Reducing the size of image files without compromising their quality to ensure pages load quickly.
Minimization of CSS, JavaScript and HTML files: Removing unnecessary spaces, comments and characters to decrease the size of these files, which contributes to faster page loading.
Use of content delivery networks (CDN): Distributing online store content across multiple servers located in different regions to reduce loading time for users in various geographic locations.
Enabling file compression: Compressing large files so they can be downloaded more quickly by web browsers.
Improved server and hosting configurations: Ensuring that web hosting infrastructure is robust and adequate to handle traffic spikes without slowing down loading speeds.

Does Victoria Digital implement Schema Markup to improve visibility in search results?

Yes, Victoria Digital implements structured markup schemes, also known as Schema Markup, in the online stores it designs. This practice is essential to improve visibility in search results, as it helps search engines understand the content of the page more effectively. Using Schema Markup makes it easier to index and classify online store content, which can result in better representation in search results, including featured snippets, product ratings, and other relevant information that can increase rate. of clicks (CTR) from search results.

How does Victoria Digital manage redirects and 404 error handling to maintain SEO authority in the online store?

Victoria Digital manages redirects and 404 error handling with a meticulous approach to maintain the SEO authority of online stores. For pages that have been moved or deleted, 301 redirects are implemented, ensuring that users and search engines are directed to the relevant or updated page, thus preserving link authority and SEO value. When it comes to 404 errors, Victoria Digital sets up helpful, personalized error pages that guide visitors back to relevant parts of the online store, minimizing user frustration and bounce rate. Additionally, constant monitoring is performed to identify and fix broken links, ensuring that user experience and site integrity remain at optimal levels.

What techniques does Victoria Digital use to ensure the construction of effective internal links in the online store?

Victoria Digital uses various techniques to build an effective network of internal links in online stores, recognizing their importance for user navigation and SEO optimization. These techniques include:

Clear and logical site hierarchy: Organization of content in a clear structure that facilitates intuitive navigation and indexing by search engines.
Use of descriptive anchor text: Implementation of relevant and descriptive anchor texts that provide users and search engines with a clear idea of the link target content.
XML and HTML Sitemaps: Creation of sitemaps accessible to both users (HTML) and search engines (XML), improving the visibility of pages.
Contextual links within the content: Incorporation of internal links in the content of the page so that they provide value to the user, guiding them to relevant and related content.
Navigation bar and footer optimization: Inclusion of internal links in these elements to improve accessibility to important sections of the site.

How does Victoria Digital ensure that the purchasing process is fast and efficient in the online stores it designs?

Victoria Digital implements several strategies to ensure a fast and efficient purchasing process in online stores:

User Interface (UI) Optimization: Intuitive, easy-to-use design guides users through the purchasing process without complications.
Simplification of the checkout process: Reduction of the steps necessary to complete a purchase and clarity in the information required to reduce cart abandonment.
Fast page loading: Implementation of web optimization techniques to ensure minimum loading times, which is crucial during the purchasing process.
Multiple and secure payment options: Integration of various reliable and secure payment options to offer flexibility and confidence to buyers.
Automatic responses and status updates: Set up push notifications to keep customers informed about the status of their order.

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